Small Business Loan

 Being a small business owner in Canada is not so easy. Apart from the problems that the small business owners have to face in operating business, the worst problem is raising capital. The answer to this problem is a small business loan, although this is not the only reason a small business owner should consider a loan.

A small business loan can be for funding the startup of a new business, or to finance an expansion project that will help your business to grow or to enter into new markets or expand product lines. There are numerous reasons why a business might need additional financing. The issue is, once you determine that you need the money, you also need to figure out where to find the money, and how to best structure the financing. A good place to start is at FEL Canada. 

Farm Equipment Loans For Bad Credit


Owning and managing a farm nowadays can be very pricey; fixing machinery breakdowns, renewing and updating equipment and buildings and maintaining the livestock. Most of the times farmers can't afford the unexpected expenses and applying for loans would be an easy way to manage such expenses. FEL Canada tailored a farm equipment loan for farm owners helping them cover their required expenses.

Farm equipment includes harvesting equipment , tractors, hay bailers, power tillers and so on. We'll finance the loan you need for any required farm equipment or expenses. Our repayment plans range from 2-5 years. We accept all credit scores so you don't need to worry at all about having no credit history or even bad credit. 

Tractor Loan For Bad Credit

Looking for a loan to buy new or used tractor to increase the productivity of your farm, are you tired of repairing your old tractor, which is hindering you from timely farming activities? You need to find the used or new tractor as per your requirements, no matter if the tractor is for sale by a private owner or by a dealer. When you have identified the tractor you need and if you are short in cash to buy the tractor. FEL Canada will provide a loan to finance your new or used tractor whether you are purchasing from a dealer or an individual.

FEL Canada, we have a specialized agricultural loans, designed to cater the needs of Canadian farmers. We will help you to purchase the required tractor to meet the optimum productivity with the best interest rates and terms possible.

Truck Loans For Bad Credit

Transportation is the most important and essential thing which has to be taken care of while starting or conducting of a business. A truck plays an important role in transportation of various items and thus had a great significance in a business.

Having a truck of your own will increase the efficiency of your business. As with any other business, it is not always possible to pay upfront for all the vehicles including trucks that the firm may use. If you have a desire to buy a truck for your business needs, then you can avail truck Loan. You can make down payment or purchase a truck of any make or model. Truck loan is specially crafted to help you in the growth of your business.

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Manage your financial emergencies and needs with FEL Canada! Our bad credit loans and personal loans in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie & Lethbridge come with flexible payment terms for borrowers who are rejected by other lending institutions and banks due to their bad credit history or poor credit reports. With FEL Canada, you'll be approved for up to $25,000 as long as you have a paid out vehicle or mobile home, or a home to secure your loan. Your money is waiting...Apply Now!