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Bad Credit Home Equity Loans in Calgary, Alberta | FEL Canada

You may be fortunate enough to already own your dream home though you may wish to have additional funds on hand to help you attain your other dreams and goals as well. This can be done simply by availing FEL Canada’s home equity loan. Such loans have become so popular now a days in Canada because of the increasing home values.

A home equity loan can be a very helpful financial tool if you are in great need of a considerable amount of money. The home equity loan gives you necessary cash without losing your home; the loan provider agrees to lend you against your home but you still get to keep it.

Home Equity Loans for bad credit

How can I be approved for a Home Equity Loan, even if I have bad credit?

  • You should own your home.
  • The mortgage balance sould be less than 60% of your home’s value.
  • You hshould have a stable source of Income.

Our Loans are secured through your paid out vehicle, mobile home, truck, trailer, RV, horse trailer, boat, farm equipment and can range anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000. Don’t wait! Apply online now to receive your instant approval including your loan amount and monthly payments.

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